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Stacking Brocade ICX-6430 PoE switches with 10G-SFP-TWX-0101

Good Morning:


I stacked some Brocade ICX 6430-48P units in a test environment with the 10G-SFP-TWX-0101 stacking cables.


It works perfect; however, I do notice one thing:


ICX6430-48P Switch#sh medi e 1/2/1
Port 1/2/1: Type : 10GE Passive Twinax 1m (SFP +) (Not supported)
Vendor: BROCADE Version: A
Part# : 58-1000026-01 Serial#: CAMD1639001xxxx


ICX6430-48P Switch#sh stack
T=17m4.8: alone: standalone, D: dynamic cfg, S: static
ID Type Role Mac Address Pri State Comment
1 S ICX6430-48P active 748e.f8bd.xxxx 128 local Ready
2 D ICX6430-48P standby cc4e.24af.xxxx 0 remote Ready

active standby
+---+ +---+
-2/3| 1 |2/1--2/3| 2 |2/1-
| +---+ +---+ |
| |
Standby u2 - protocols ready, can failover
Current stack management MAC is 748e.f8bd.xxxx



Should I be worried about this?


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