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BNA Rest API - AG switches CPU/Memory information



1) AccessGateway's - CPU and memory utilisation

2)AccessGateway's -  Ports performance  


For #1 - We've tried to get through below REST API, but no luck. The response doesn't contain the AG switches. 







For #2 -  We have tried get the traffic information in the context of the FCswitch (passed the AG switch key, not sure if that's right though). But,we can retrieve the port's performance information in the context of "only" resource group.  Retreiving in the context of the resource group is not scalable as  some of the customer enviornment might have too many switches under one resource group, hence, the REST call might fail . So, I'm looking to get the AG switch port's performance information in the context of the AG switch. 











I'm not sure if the BNA Rest API provides the AG switch's memory,cpu and port's performance information as mentioned above. If it does, could you please suggest me how to get that information. 


if BNA rest api doesn't provide this informaiton,  please confirm.  Are there any plans to update the BNA rest api with cpu/memory and port's perf (using the AG switch key)?





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Re: BNA Rest API - AG switches CPU/Memory information

I did not see anything which would help for getting CPU / memory for AG via BNA REST API. We updated the SW MIB to support the AG via SNMP in 8.0.1 for CPU and memory. For the future plans to support physical for REST API, I cannot say today

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