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Network Advisor - How to remove obsolete connections

Hello community members,

I´m very new to Network Advisor and have a question about the fabric view.

We have implemented two fabrics for monitoring into our Network Advisor 11.2 installation. After discovery the monitoring worked perfect. Now we have rewired the switches in one fabric, and the new connections are discovered successfully, but the old connections are visible as dashed lines furthermore. How can we get rid of the old connections?

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Re: Network Advisor - How to remove obsolete connections

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I'm disturbed by this BNA status  of the same dashed line (yellow/gray) and the final status (forbidden access sign)

what I did:


I had 4 ISL links from my bladechassis Switch towards my Brocade 6505 switch infra.


My  initial reponse :

I persistently disabled 2 ports (on both sides) ; double clcnking on the link in beween both switches, I now have a status indicating I have 2 missing links and what these links used to be.

I have no trunking mode enabled either.

I tried to rename the port to something else


My 2nd attempt : I checked the port type , I reconfigured the ports on both sides to F-port (instead of E+F) , still clicking in the toplogy view on the link between both switches, it still suggests that I have 2 missing connnections


My 3rd attempt : In advanced mode I went to disable trunk mode on these ports (on both sides) , but still BNA keeps displaying in the same manner.


What to do with BNA to make it understand that what it had is no longer of any concern ?

What is required for its status to change ?




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Re: Network Advisor - How to remove obsolete connections



have you tried to "Accept Changes" - Do you have fabric tracking enabled. See the following for details

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