How business growth relates to business infrastructure

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Five things every CEO, board member, CIO and organizational leader needs to understand




Leading a Digital Business: What Wasn’t OK is Now a Must!

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Key leadership principles are emerging with the evolution towards a digital business typified by the rapid pace of innovation, on-demand products and services, personalization, automation and intelligent systems, ecosystems, and new business models.


To allow customers to co-create value, you may have to rethink your products and services and rebuild your digital infrastructure and network.




Is your network a platform for business innovation and growth?

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Our networks are built for the old world. This new world needs a new network.

The whole point of a network is just to connect stuff, right? Connect people to people, people to machines, and machines to machines. It’s pipes and plumbing, a necessary part 



Accelerating business innovation: Don't let networks get in the way

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Put the network at the heart of your business model. Make it automated, programmable and able to respond to needs in real time.



A Call for Respecting Diversity

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Black History Month honors the achievements of black Americans, and pays tribute to their considerable contributions throughout history in building, shaping and strengthening our country.




Networks help you compress time

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For a digital business, the network is critical to delivering rapid innovation and differentiated value to customers


Broadcom to Acquire Brocade

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Today, Broadcom, a leading designer, developer and global supplier of semiconductor connectivity solutions, announced its intention to acquire Brocade. I want to share my perspective on this news.


The network effect on wealth creation

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Networks aren’t just critical infrastructure. They can be the difference between a company winning big and becoming irrelevant.


Today's digital divide is about whether your network is designed to be a growth engine for your business or whether it’s holding you back


Announcing the Brocade Strategic Collaboration Program!

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On August 16, 2016, Brocade launched a program that both formalizes and increases the collaboration with its strategic alliances...


Life on the Net: Why Poke Fun at It?

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Brocade went on a mission to talk with network managers and engineers around the globe to uncover the truths about life on the Net in our modern era. And we found a number of consistent themes...


Brocade On Second Thought Cartoons



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To unleash the design creativity necessary for New IP networks that can support the exponential growth of devices and traffic, we have to reach deep into our architectural souls to find the fundamental assumptions to which we are clinging.  We need to shine a light on them and challenge those aggressively.  It’s time to re-think.

Re-Thinking the Network


Creating a Pure Play Networking Company for the Digital Transformation Era

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Today Brocade and Ruckus Wireless have taken an important step toward our joint vision of creating a new type of networking company - a company with the strategy, products, talent, and focus needed to deliver the solutions that customers need in order to thrive in today’s era of digital transformation. We’re very excited to let you know that this morning we announced Brocade’s intention to acquire Ruckus, a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market.


Software Products: Simplifying Our Portfolio

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The acquisition of Vyatta in November 2012 marked a new chapter for Brocade and how we view the data center of tomorrow. Less than 3 years later we have one of the most robust software portfolios in the industry thanks to aggressive internal development and strategic acquisitions.


This drive to a rapidly evolving portfolio is a direct reflection of customer demands for software and its influence on Brocade’s data center strategy. We have a strong point of view as to how the macro forces of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data are redefining the nature of IP networking infrastructure. Often referred to as the New IP, this industry disruption contains a high software quotient.


Opportunity Knocks at the Digital Front Door

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These days, when opportunity knocks it’s usually doing so on a company’s web site. The question is, are you ready to answer it?


When I came to Brocade a year ago the marketing team agreed that we didn’t just need some new paint and flowers to spruce things up, we needed a whole new front door!


No doubt you’ve heard the stats before…according to CEB, B2B buyers are 57% of the way through the buying cycle before they engage a sales rep. And both Gartner and Forrester research suggest that by 2020, greater than 80% of the buying process will occur without any human interaction.



SteelApp VAR Email

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In our enthusiasm to welcome SteelApp customers to Brocade, we sent a communication in a format and manner that wasn’t appropriate and that had broader implications than we intended. We apologize for the inconvenience we caused due to the error in our communication.


Extending New IP to Mobile Networks

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Brocade today announced intent to acquire Connectem to further extend our SDN and NFV leadership in New IP mobile network solutions. The addition of Connectem’s Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM) product and architectural innovations in the virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) to our virtual networking portfolio and demonstrates the continued focus on delivering scalable, efficient software networking solutions on industry standards x86 servers to customers.


News is getting out fast about the momentum of A-players joining the software drive at Brocade. It started last year, notably with Dave Meyers joining the CTO office, and recently Tom Nadeau and Benson Schliesser came aboard. I’m still surprised Robert Bays (CTO of Vyatta) has stayed in the shadows given his far-reaching influence on the industry; his name won’t stay in the background for long.


There are others on the move at Brocade as well, not all of which is public yet. One piece is that the board of the OpenDaylight Project selected our own Matt Wolpin to lead the marketing efforts for this important community project.


Don't be the frog in the boiling water

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Advancing new software-centric network technologies requires a special breed of people willing to challenge traditional, static thinking. And, did you notice? Those people are increasingly realizing that Brocade is the place where they can exercise their valuable skills.


Straight Talk: Budgets Aren’t the Problem, but Leadership is a Solution

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It’s an all-too-common refrain in the Federal government:  “Budgets are the problem.”


Tactical Network Lessons for Government Agencies

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The 21st century battlefield is an intricately connected space, relying on cutting edge technologies to deliver real-time information to the warfighter. Today’s warfighters need to be in constant communication with squad members and support staff. In many cases, virtual communications between command centers underpin situational awareness and can mean the difference between life and death.


Openness and the Future of Networking

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Sometimes people confuse openness with open source, so let me explain — openness is about very broad compatibility and customer choice; open-source is about a disruptive software development and licensing model.


Government IT is Behind, But It's Not Too Late to Modernize and Save

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Government agencies are still in dire need of modernizing their entire IT infrastructure, and the key to initiating this transformation is the IT network. I've said it before, and I’ll say it again, modernization of the IT networks can help save Federal agencies more than $5 billion over the next 5 years. In a time when federal spending is increasing daily, who wouldn't support saving a couple billion dollars?


Federal Forum Panelists Discuss Challenges to Data Center Consolidation

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survey on the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) by MeriTalk, reported that, while 86% of Federal IT professionals polled have completed data center consolidation plans, the majority of IT professionals give their agencies a “C” or below in grading their consolidation efforts. What are the challenges they’re facing?


It's time to Face Facts: why you can't afford to ignore the network anymore

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It seems strange to those of us who work in the networking industry, and have had the benefit of so many customer insights and experiences, that in a world where commercial viability equals reliable connectivity, some people still don’t seem to understand why the network matters.


Straight Talk: Budgets Aren’t the Problem, but Leadership is a Solution

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It’s an all-too-common refrain in the Federal government:  “Budgets are the problem.”


Service Creation – Transforming the SP Revenue Model

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While at Interop Las Vegas 2011 I had the opportunity to speak on two featured panels at the Carrier Cloud Forum, a Light Reading and Heavy Reading hosted event. Light Reading chief editor, Carol Wilson, moderated my second panel which focused on two important aspects of cloud: performance and security.


While many interesting perspectives were discussed and debated, there was a noticeable stir in the crowd when I brought up a new practice we created named Service Creation.


At no time has information technology (IT) modernization and its role in protecting our nation been more important than it is today. The defense IT community has a full plate—from mandated efforts to consolidate


At no time has information technology (IT) modernization and its role in protecting our nation been more important than it is today. The defense IT community has a full plate—from mandated efforts to consolidate data centers by migrating to the cloud by 2015, to improving IT security, to responding to the growing pressures and implications of mobility (not to mention sequestration, budget cuts and political pressures everywhere). The modernization of government IT systems needs to happen quickly.


What often stalls IT innovation has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with leadership. As government leaders need to increase productivity, functionality and return on investment from their IT networks, it is important to look at technology as an enabler of leadership and transformational change. Common challenges include:


  • Understanding how to invest in IT tools, systems and infrastructure with declining budgets
  • Managing the increasing cost of current IT infrastructure
  • Dealing with the high rate of IT systems that miss original intent or service level agreements
  • And, of course, responding to increasing security threats


The Defense Department spends more than $40 billion annually on IT, more than $250 billion in the last seven years or so. That’s a quarter of a trillion dollars—a lot of money. Modernizing IT systems and infrastructure, like most change or transformational agendas, comes down to leadership. There is an opportunity right now for a more aggressive leadership platform as it relates to the modernization of IT by the Defense Department, especially around the network.


This blog post originally appeared on SIGNAL magazine. Read the rest of the post here.